Zimbabwe 2022

2022 was an impactful year for the Help One Now Zimbabwe team, both organizationally and personally. There were many moments of joy and celebration, alongside moments of perseverance through uncertainty, setbacks and prayers for the miracle of healing.

In early 2022, Pastor John was diagnosed with cancer and learned that his only recovery option was to go through a series of difficult tests and treatments in Harare. In response to this news, the Zimbabwe team stepped up, accelerating their leadership succession plan, and preparing to support Pastor John through this challenging season. Pastor Luke, Tatenda, Satomi, Elton, and many more worked tirelessly to keep the work moving forward and ensure that Pastor John & Orpah had the space to focus on treatments and recovery.

Despite these many challenges, Pastor John and the team made it through! The cancer treatments were successful, Pastor John has regained much of his strength, and Pastor Luke, under the mentorship of John, continues to expand his capacity to lead the team forward in serving the children of Musha We Vana, the families of Marondera, and the people of Zimbabwe.

Berry Fest 2022 Financial Impact Summary:

Total Funds Raised for Help One Now


Help One Now Belize


Belize Family Business Program – 25 Families

Help One Now Zimbabwe


Gatehouse Farm & Agricultural Program – $14,921
Musha We Vana Children’s Home Support – $12,744
Zimbabwe Family Business Program – 17 families – $12,500
Pastor John Chinyowa Medical Support – $4,000

Musha We Vana

In 2022, 56 children received 24/7 holistic care at Musha We Vana. Of those children, 12 were newly welcomed into Musha We Vana and 6 children graduated and transitioned into adulthood with individualized resources and support to build health and self-sufficiency.

At Musha We Vana, every child has continuous access to medical care, high-quality education, spiritual care, and mentorship. Over 44,000 meals were served at Musha We Vana in 2022!

Gatehouse Farm & Agricultural Program

Gatehouse Farm and Agricultural Porject

Since the launch of the Gatehouse Agricultural Program in 2018, it has played a key role in serving the community of Marondera. The program was initially launched to serve as a pathway for students to transition into successful adulthood while receiving vocational training in agriculture. Over time, and over the course of a difficult season, the farm has expanded its reach to serve the children of Musha We Vana and over 1,000 people in the community of Marondera.

Family Business Program

December 2022 marks two years since the first round of families entered the Family Business Program in Zimbabwe. These families have stayed committed to the success of their business and never gave up when faced with the economic challenges of the pandemic and inflation. Tatenda and the team continue to build a strong program and adapt it to meet the needs of families in the Marondera community.

As the Zimbabwe team follows up with each of the families as they manage their businesses, they have been encouraged by their dedication and determination to succeed. It is clear that each family is committed to seeing their business thrive while also finding ways to pour back into the community.

In May 2022, 28 families were enrolled in the Family Business Program. Eighteen of those families were empowered and launched their businesses by October! The next round of families recently finished their training and will soon be on their way to launch their businesses! The Zimbabwe Empowerment team plans to empower 30 families in 2023.

Families Empowered to Date: 66
Families Empowered in 2022: 18
Families Currently Enrolled: 20

Stories of Family Business Program Impact

Tsitsi, A Family Business Program Story

Meet Grace Mubvuma!

Grace started a poultry business in November 2020. This was her first time working in poultry, and she did a great job starting out! She saved some money from her sales and boosted a small snacks business that she previously had. With her saved money, Grace increased her stock and started selling at a much larger scale than she used to.

Tsitsi, A Family Business Program Story

Meet Tsitsi Mapondera!

Tsitsi is an entrepreneur and mother of four. She started in the Family Business Program in May 2021, selling bedding items like comforters and bed sheets. Her business started very well, and she made good profit, allowing her to expand her business gradually. Before empowerment, her income was below $200 monthly, but after empowerment, her income rose to over $600 a month.