Meet Grace Mubvuma!

Grace started a poultry business in November 2020. This was her first time working in poultry, and she did a great job starting out! She saved some money from her sales and boosted a small snacks business that she previously had. With her saved money, Grace increased her stock and started selling at a much larger scale than she used to.

Grace Mubvuma's business

In December 2020, Grace applied for a Pepsi Drink Cart so she would be able to sell Pepsi products and other sweets. Grace’s Pepsi cart has been highly successful, and she can now fully support herself through her business without having to continue her poultry business. Even through challenges Grace and her business have thrived!

In 2022 Coca-Cola approached Pepsi business owners like Grace to sell their products, as they already have experience selling other companies’ beverages. Grace jumped at the opportunity to expand her business to Coca-Cola and now has two carts under her name! Her carts have been so successful that she is considering hiring someone to help her manage them.

Grace’s monthly income is around $120, and she tries to save at least $10 per month. Most of the money has been reinvested in her business!

Grace truly does have an entrepreneurial mindset! She wants to venture into the hair-cutting business. She has already invested in her next business by buying three hair clippers. She hopes to start this business soon when she finishes purchasing the equipment.