Help One Now is honored and excited to move forward with our mission, strategy and vision in the country of Malawi to end extreme poverty by empowering families through Education, Entrepreneurship and Restorative Care.


MALAWI is considered one of the least developed nations in Africa, with an economy largely based on agriculture and a rural population. Residing at the southern edge of the “Great Lakes” region of Africa, the country is bordered by Zambia, Tanzania, and Mozambique and about one-third of Malawi’s area is taken up by Lake Malawi.

Malawi has an uncommonly high rate of mortality and low life expectancy, which is in part due to the widespread issue of HIV/AIDS throughout the country. The country struggles to become a financially independent nation, though its economy has shown some signs of growth in the last decade. These factors are what led to the creation of Esther’s House and the Ufulu Groups, with hopes of finding lasting solutions for economic sustainability and flourishing for families and individuals in the community.



Population:  19.5 million

Area: 118,484 sq mi

Year of Independence:  1964



  • 61.3% adult literacy rate
  • 72% youth literacy rate


  • 55 year life expectancy
  • 1.1 million people living with HIV/AIDS
  • 81.7% of population using improved drinking water sources in rural areas


Pop. Living In Poverty:  61.6%

Orphan Pop.:  16.7% of children under the age of 18




Help One Now is honored and excited to move forward with our mission, strategy and vision in the country of Malawi.  When Pure Mission joined forces with Help One Now in 2019, we began a careful process of looking for a high-capacity local leader who could lead us forward in empowering families and communities in Malawi.  A Dedicated leader with Vision, Integrity, Passion, and Authority.  A leader who is Strategic, Flexible, Collaborative, and always Learning.  And most importantly, a leader who is in tune with the Mission of Help One Now.

We are happy to say that we have found such a leader in Ray Misomali.  Ray is Malawian, born and raised. He spent several years in the US studying Political Science and Public Administration, starting a family and launching a career in disaster management. With a deep passion to empower the people of Malawi, Ray and his family returned to Malawi in 2014 to lead a community development organization, along with the vision to start their own business.  Ray is a high-capacity leader who resonates with the mission of Help One Now in ending poverty by empowering families through Education, Entrepreneurship, and Restorative Care. 


Ray Misomali sees himself as a catalyst for the transformation and thriving of individuals living in underserved communities. He believes in education as an enabler to human flourishing. He also believes that the human interface with economic activity in underserved communities is a means to facilitate growth and development. To this end, Ray founded Tsogolo Ndi Lero (The Future is Now in Chichewa), a non-profit organization that is developing schools in Malawi and establishing economic activities for the families of students that are enrolled. Ray has a background in public service, non-profit management and business development. He has worked in the United States and is currently living and working in his home country, Malawi.

Ways to Get Involved


We will start a private school in Ntcheu using the Esther’s House Community Center.  We will start small with preschool and plan to add a new grade level each year. We will also continue the after school programs, tutoring and training programs that have been serving the community for years.  Over time, we will have a thriving Christian School providing quality education and investing in the future of Malawi. 


Ufulu Groups has been going strong in Lilongwe and the surrounding areas for a few years now. We plan to continue and build upon the work of Ufulu Groups, as we integrate the Help One Now Family Empowerment Program in Ntcheu, Lilongwe, and additional communities in the future.  We believe we can empower a total of at least 300 families in the next 3 years to break the cycles of spiritual and material poverty!

Restorative Care

Esther’s House has historically done incredible work in the area of Restorative Care, introducing trauma-informed care, multiple types of therapy and counseling, caring for widows in the community, and more. We plan to continue and build upon this work, and to integrate Restorative Care into our Education and Entrepreneurial strategies, working together with vulnerable families to break the cycle of poverty.

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Our Mission

Help One Now empowers families in developing countries through high-capacity local leaders with proven solutions to end extreme poverty.