Stories shape us. They define us. They pull out the deepest longings and meaning from our souls and bear it to the world. We believe in the power of story; in the bringing together of two worlds to fully see one another, to fully understand and embrace the truth of humanity that we belong to one another.






Together, We Pray for Zimbabwe

As the climate in Zimbabwe continues to remain unstable, we want to keep you up to date on how things are going and how it is affecting our beloved leaders there. As you may remember from our previous posts about Zimbabwe, the last year has been challenging for our...

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3 Girls Rescued – Let the Healing Begin

We recently wrote about the opening of the village, and the news that rescues were beginning. As of this week, the village is officially operating with 3 rescued girls now receiving full-time care and protection. Will you join us in providing this care and recovery?...

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Building a Better Future

Every quarter, we stop to reflect on all the good that has been done in the last few months because of the support of our sponsors! From the lives of children changed to entire communities transformed, the support of you and others like you is making a huge difference...

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Our Mission

Help One Now empowers families in developing countries through high-capacity local leaders with proven solutions to end extreme poverty.

Our 10th anniversary is this year...
and we have big plans.