On a typical Mission Trip, participants feel a sense of accomplishment…afterward, they talk about what they DID and who they HELPED. On a Help One Now Pilgrimage, participants feel a sense of tension and unrest…afterward, they talk about what they LEARNED and what they HOPE to accomplish moving forward. They become advocates. The end of the trip becomes a starting line.

Lamar Stockton

International Operations Director


The Help One Now ethos is to remain invisible in partner communities and focus our efforts on resourcing key leaders instead. For this reason, we don’t typically do “mission trips,” as they can be a distraction to the communities in which we serve.

Instead, we will lead a limited number of Learning Journeys for committed, long-term supporters of Help One Now (Church Partners, Child Sponsors, Foundation Members, and Circle Members).

On these Journeys, the emphasis will be on connecting with a community, building deep relationships with the local leaders, and brainstorming how you can unlock your human capital to partner together and support their work back home.


Meet and build relationships with local leaders and the communities they serve.

Learn from the local leaders we partner with by hearing their stories and engaging in their communities. Doing this helps us, the visitors, understand the unique issues in different environments.

See the impact of projects firsthand and gain a new understanding of how complex but important working in these communities can be.

Understand how short-term mission trips can actually do more harm than good if approached with the wrong intentions.

Become advocates of the country and people that you meet when you return home.

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Join us in a story that is changing the world!

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Join us in a story that is changing the world!

Our Mission

Help One Now empowers families in developing countries through high-capacity local leaders with proven solutions to end extreme poverty.