Musha Wevana is an orphan care initiative of Help One Now in Marondera, Zimbabwe – currently provides a home and holistic care for over 45 vulnerable children.

Musha Wevana strives to provide the resources for children to thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Help One Now’s story began in 2007 when founder and CEO Chris Marlow crossed paths with a group of homeless orphaned children at an abandoned gas station at 4AM in Harare, Zimbabwe. In his words, “My life changed forever. I still vividly remember the scene as I hopped out of the van. I was immediately surrounded by dozens of kids. One in particular grabbed my arm, looked me in the eye and said: Sir, thank you for visiting my country, I’m sorry it’s in the shape that it’s in. I don’t want to beg you for food, but I’ve had nothing to eat for days. Is their anything I can do, to work for you, so I can get something to eat? I was speechless, confused and tired. I looked this boy in the eye and said, ‘No, I have nothing for you’. We got back in the van and drove away. I was devastated. I am still devastated. As we drove away, I committed in my heart to fight for the orphan for the rest of my days!

By mid-2009, we had launched Help One Now, and we have been serving orphans in Zimbabwe, through our amazing local leader, ever since.” Zimbabwe, once an apparent success story in post-colonial Africa, has tragically spiraled down to one of the world’s most fragile states because of its polarized and oppressive political landscape, waning state legitimacy, and failed economy. Dictator Robert Mugabe has been the country’s only ruler since majority rule began in 1980, and per capita GDP is only $600 per year. A staggering 15% of the population are living with HIV/AIDS (not to mention the countless victims already claimed by this epidemic), and almost 10% of the overall population are orphaned children. The people of Zimbabwe, however, are brilliant, beautiful and resilient, and we are honored to partner with them to build a better future!


Population: 15.6 million (6.5 million under age of 18)

Area:  150,872 sq mi

Year of Independence:  1980



  • 83% adult literacy rate
  • 48% secondary school participation


  • 58 year life expectancy (down 2 years from 1990)
  • 14.7% of population living with AIDS
  • 80% of population using improved drinking water sources


Pop. Living In Poverty:  72.3% at national poverty line

Orphan Pop.:  1,200,000 (have lost one or both parents due to all causes)



  • Zimbabwean men, women & children are subjected to forced labor in agriculture & domestic service in rural areas, as well as domestic servitude & sex trafficking in cities & towns.
  • 2020 Trafficking In Persons Report, Zimbabwe


Founded by John Chinyowa and Family Praise Fellowship Church, Musha WeVana Village is home to 45 children who have been orphaned and abandoned in Marondera, Zimbabwe. The Musha WeVana staff gives the kids 24/7 care and love. The kids are part of a vibrant church community, are empowered through high-quality education, and have a safe home and family comfort. Our commitment to these kids is for the long haul—university, trade school, and employment. We will work to see these children become responsible and productive members of Zimbabwean society. In the words of Pastor John, “We continue to serve these children knowing that they will one day be the leaders of our nation.” The Village also serves as a hub for community development work including healthcare, micro-lending, leadership development, clean water wells, and more.

In 2016, we launched The Gatehouse Farm Transition Program — an agricultural and vocational training program focused on restoring a full life and equipping children to transition into adulthood. The skills training opportunities include agriculture, metalwork, carpentry, business management, and technology with a vision to continue adding more opportunities over time. The agricultural training is taught in the context of a program known as Foundations For Farming (or Farming God’s Way) and includes Cropping, Livestock Management, Farm Mechanics, Soil Science, Bee Keeping, Poultry, Dairy Management, and even Marketing!

The Family Business Program in Marondera empowers families with the tools they need to launch their own business and create sustainability for their families for generations to come. As more and more families are empowered, the community’s outlook improves as a whole, the local church grows and the economy strengthens. 


John Chinyowa is the Pastor of Family Praise Fellowship Church in Marondera, Zimbabwe, and the leader who inspired Chris Marlow to start Help One Now years ago. Pastor John, his wife Orpah, and his church oversee Musha Wevana Children’s Home caring for over 45 orphaned and abandoned children. John is an incredible team-builder and he has the best laugh you have ever heard. We are currently partnering with Pastor John in Marondera to provide quality care and education for the children of Musha Wevana, and community development projects such as micro loans and water wells.


We sponsor orphans five times to ensure their life-changing, 24/7 care, education, food, clothing and medical needs are consistently met, and to support their local leaders and allow them to improve the living situations for all of the children in their care.

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Help One Now empowers families in developing countries through high-capacity local leaders with proven solutions to end extreme poverty.