Kids & Schools

As education transforms communities and breaks the cycle of extreme poverty, opportunity & hope flourish in entire regions.

Kids & Schools

As education transforms communities and breaks the cycle of extreme poverty, opportunity & hope flourish in entire regions.

Empowering Education

Opportunity and hope flourish in entire regions as education transforms communities and breaks the cycle of extreme poverty. A high-quality education saves children’s lives, promotes girls’ and women’s rights, and makes people healthier. In addition, it boosts economic growth, reduces poverty, and is proven to increase income directly.

Why Education

If children do not have access to education, the cycle of poverty will continue in developing communities. Education is long-term development work. We are investing in a generation, planting seeds that will transform communities from within over time. Providing access to education gives students the tools they need to solve problems and overcome challenges – it fosters future leaders and builds community resilience. 

Our Proven Solution

Our education programs ensure that students have access to high-quality education, nutritious meals, spiritual development, and a safe environment for them to dream, grow, and pursue their passions. Empowering education for a child also gives parents time to work, provide for their home, and build healthier communities.

Education makes a lasting impact in the lives of students, teachers, and families in developing communities. 

Our Impact Stats

6,900+ Students

empowered through education so far.

1,426 Students

additionally enrolled as a result of families empowered through the Family Business Program.

184 Teachers

were supported through our education programs.

Empower Possible

Sarah excelled in Help One Now’s sponsored grade schools, and is now a nurse! She is currently furthering her studies to serve her family and community as an eye doctor.


Through education, the impact you can make in someone’s life is monumental! A lot of times, we look at the issues in our world and they seem so overwhelming. But you can start with just one thing, and know that one thing is really making a difference in someone’s life.

Korie Robertson

Help One Now offers my faith community an upstream, missional way to engage global challenges where the resources are most needed; at the family level. By empowering families through a long-term investment in education, we’re able to play a small but important part in co-creating lasting impact in emerging communities. It’s how we stay engaged on a global scale. 

Jason Morriss

I have committed my life focused on access and equity in education for ALL students, understanding education equals economics.  I support these Education Programs because Help One Now not only understands the role education plays in reducing poverty, but how nutrition, professional learning, and training contribute to not only student success, but the entire family.

Jennifer Saenz


Your support of our Education Programs will empower families and create a pathway for the cycle of poverty to be broken for generations to come.


Fundraise for Help One Now

Set up a fundraiser or event and gather your friends and family together to join Help One Now in doing good together around the world! You can fundraise for a single project, or choose a community to continually fundraise for and see the impact you can be a part of.

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