Action Changes Everything

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Become a part of our tribe today! Your monthly or one-time gift will support healthcare, education, job creation, and spiritual development in Peru, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Africa!


Long Term Commitment

By becoming a part of the tribe, you’re joining with thousands of others from around the world to support each one of our communities. This is not a one-time, quick fix, but an ongoing relationship — one in which longevity matters.


Become An Advocate

We need your help! The more tribe members involved, the greater the impact on each and every community. Encourage your friends, family, and social networks to Partner with us to impact the world!


True, Lasting Impact

From teacher’s salaries in Haiti and Uganda to community development in the Dominican Republic to expanding and supporting in-country adoption in Ethiopia, our tribe helps foster tangible, meaningful, lasting change in every single Help One Now community and country.

Other Ways To Take Action

Help One Now

Help One Classroom

A good teacher makes a world of difference; help change the world of a teacher today!

Help One Now

Garage Sale 4 Orphans

We believe our excess stuff can mean life for another & can contribute to ending cycles of extreme poverty for many!

Help One Now

Sponsor A Child

We Sponsor children five times to make sure their life-changing needs are consistently met!


At Help One Now, we believe the church should lead the fight to end extreme poverty and care for orphaned and vulnerable children. Our desire is to serve alongside high-capacity, international leaders who are already engaged in the fight. By forming strategic partnerships with churches who are committed to do the hard, long-term work that is necessary, we will continue to see communities transformed and the Kingdom advanced.