Help One Now empowers families in developing countries through high-capacity local leaders with proven solutions to end extreme poverty.

Help One Now invites you to our wide table — a collective group of churches, businesses, communities, and individuals who believe that we can build a better world together. We empower families in developing countries through our business launch program, healthcare, education, and community care. Together, we use our gifts, talents, and resources to help end extreme poverty.


Help One Now empowers local leaders through friendship and partnership. We work with leaders who are already working effectively in their respective communities. These leaders are friends and partners in the fight against extreme poverty. They are our greatest resource, and without them, sustainable change is impossible.


We serve in some of the poorest communities in the world, where people live on less than $2 US per day. In our work in these communities, empowering families has proven to be the most effective course for long term change. Through our local leaders, we train families to start businesses and develop their surrounding community to support them.






Help One Now is a catalytic tribe committed to empowering and resourcing high-capacity local leaders who care for orphans and vulnerable children in order to transform communities and break the cycle of extreme poverty.

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