Family Business

A road to sustainability that ripples
outward into the entire community

Family Business

A road to sustainability that ripples
outward into the entire community

Empowering Family Business

The Family Business Program is family empowerment through entrepreneurship. When families enter the program, they walk through a 7-step process toward launching their own business. 

Why Family Empowerment

Around the world, the family unit plays a key role in the stability of the local society—a fact that is especially true in developing nations. Another fact is this: communities whose economies are struggling at the very local level often see high levels of children without parental care. These children are left to fend for themselves because parents are often unable to provide for them. They may be taken to orphanages in the hope that they’ll have a better life, be educated, and have a higher chance of survival. This is a situation that no parent should ever have to face. 

Our Proven Solution

The Family Business Program seeks to change this reality. By walking alongside each family as they take significant, proven steps, the narrative is shifted; it helps keep families together. It helps them directly thrive in their community, but more than that – it ripples outward into the entire community itself. As more and more families are empowered, the outlook of the entire community improves. The local economy strengthens, which leads to more opportunity for everyone.

Our Impact Stats

1,500+ Families

enrolled in the program, so far.

300% Increase

in average monthly income.

2-3 Years

of self-sufficiency for many graduates of the program.

Meet Alice and Patrick Isiko!

Small businesses like Alice and Patrick’s provide increased income and the ability for families to provide for their children and build sustainability for the future. This sustainability ripples outward and helps entire communities to flourish and grow as families stay together and break the cycle of poverty.


Empowerment to me is listening to, and honoring those who haven’t been given power and authority in today’s world. The Family Business Program does this in a beautiful way, raising the voices of those who have not been heard. One of the beautiful examples of empowerment that I have ever seen is through a woman named Emebet, who went through the Family Business Program and changed her life!

Emily Grey

I give to Help One Now because the Family Business Program makes a difference not only in the lives of the individual families but the community as a whole. Giving families the tools they need to provide for themselves is the most loving and dignified model for poverty alleviation I’ve seen.

Carra Milliken

I’ve seen firsthand how the Family Business Program has completely transformed lives. It’s incredible how a person changes their family’s lives when they are simply equipped with the tools and resources they need to succeed. It’s amazing how my family’s generosity can completely transform the life of another family.

Johnny Grimes


Empower a family today! It takes just $1,000 for a family to go through the program and successfully launch their own business. You can give a one-time donation to immediately empower families, or give monthly and empower families every year.

Fundraise for Help One Now

Set up a fundraiser or event and gather your friends and family together to join Help One Now in doing good together around the world! You can fundraise for a single project, or choose a community to continually fundraise for and see the impact you can be a part of.

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