Meet Tsitsi Mapondera!

Tsitsi is an entrepreneur and mother of four. She started in the Family Business Program in May 2021, selling bedding items like comforters and bed sheets. Her business started very well, and she made good profit, allowing her to expand her business gradually. Before empowerment, her income was below $200 monthly, but after empowerment, her income rose to over $600 a month.

Tsitsi Mapondera

In December 2021, there was a severe sickness in Tsitsi’s family, and she had to take over full-time care for her grandmother. Tsitsi’s grandmother needed care for a few months, so she could not work on her business.

It was difficult for Tsitsi to pause her business, but in May 2022, she could start again! Thanks to the success of her business, Tsitsi had enough savings to make it through months of caring for her grandmother, with enough left to restart her business.

Tsitsi, A Family Business Program Story

When she returned to her business, she adjusted to selling Polo Neck Jerseys because it was winter, and many people would need to buy warm clothing. Her business has been continuously improving ever since, and Tsitsi has built her monthly income up to $300 so far! She is saving at least $150 per month, which is quite impressive. Her business is stable, and she is working hard to gradually increase her income once again.

Tsitsi’s story is encouraging and shows that when a person is committed to changing their life, nothing can stop them.