Thank you for supporting Legacy Project: Activate Education. For additional details about each community, please click on the photos!


Williamson Adrien Academy serves the orphans at Yahve Shamma Village, as well as over 200 additional students from the surrounding community. Help us build 3 additional classrooms to add secondary grade levels to the Academy.

Colegio Kairos serves the poorest families of Iquitos, Peru, by offering a quality education to impoverished children. Legacy Project: Activate Education will help build two new classrooms at Colégio Kairos to increase access to life-changing education to the children of Iquitos.
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South Africa
The Reagoboka Early Childhood Development Centre and After School Program serves 150 vulnerable children each day in Hammanskraal, South Africa. Legacy Project: Activate Education will help build two new classrooms, giving the Reagoboka Early Childhood Development Centre additional meeting space and increasing their capacity to help the children of Hammanskraal.



Aclaprotech, the Academy of Classical, Professional, and Technical Studies, serves families in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, under the leadership of Jean St Cyr. Legacy Project: Activate Education will Sustain classrooms by providing salaries for teaching staff, allowing Aclaprotech to hire qualified teachers, provide teacher training seminars, and increasing the impact of the school on Port-au-Prince.

His Mercy Christian School is one of the best schools in the area, serving over 300 students in the Mayuge district of rural Uganda. Legacy Project: Activate Education will Sustain classrooms by providing fair wages to His Mercy Christian School teachers and school staff, as well as helping to provide school supplies, textbooks, and training seminars for the teachers.
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