South Africa


Help One Now is doing orphan prevention and family empowerment projects in partnership with Take Action Ministries in Pretoria, South Africa and the surrounding area. The work focuses on education, health care, economic opportunity, and spiritual development in order to transform communities and keep vulnerable children WITH their families.

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The Reality

South Africa, known as the Rainbow Nation, is a beautiful country with a fascinating history. Now, two decades after the end of Apartheid and over a year since the death of Nelson Mandela, inequality remains stark throughout the country. In fact, the levels of inequality in South Africa are among the highest in the world. National statistics tend to mask the prevalence of extreme poverty, but the reality is that approximately 7 million South Africans are living on less than $1.25/day, and over 10 million are living below the food poverty line.

The Story

At Help One Now, we value relationship, transparency, integrity and partnership. We know that our most valuable assets are our local leaders…and high-capacity local leaders can be hard to come by. So when trusted friends tell us about good leaders doing incredible work, we listen…but we listen slowly. Our friend Lisa-Jo Baker has been encouraging us to visit Pretoria and see the work of Take Action for the last few years. We partnered with Lisa-Jo over the past year on some fundraising projects (though she and her readers did all of the work) that resulted in a clean water point, a community center and vegetable garden, a playground, and staggering progress for the Maubane community. And then, we finally got the chance to visit South Africa and the Take Action leaders last fall. We were thoroughly impressed, and inspired to begin an official partnership.

The Work

We are partnering with Take Action Ministries in Pretoria, ZA to empower and resource key community leaders as they care for orphans and vulnerable children.
We will focus on holistic community development to keep vulnerable kids WITH their families and help transform the community. Essentially, it’s orphan prevention! By addressing desperate social needs such as education, nutrition, health care, social awareness, leadership training, and economic development, we can ensure that families have a chance to stay together. They won’t have to make the impossible and unjust decision of which children they can afford to keep. And in time, as health and education permeate this younger generation, change and progress will come from within rather than without.
Under the local leadership that Take Action has established, and with the help of the Help One Now vulnerable child sponsorship program, we believe that these families can break the cycle of extreme poverty.

Our Local Leaders

Norman Lamola

Founder and leader of the Maubane Rivoningo Transformation Centre. Norman faithfully serves the Maubane Community, offering clean water, a community garden, and an after school program, which includes a hot meal each day for 120 vulnerable children.



Elizabeth Ndimande

Manager of the Reagoboka Drop-in Centre and Early Childhood Development Centre. Elizabeth is a strong and passionate leader who provides care, education, meals, and leadership development for 150 vulnerable kids in her community — and she does it all from the small home of her mother, “Gogo” (Granny) Elizabeth.