Help One Now’s annual Legacy Project was birthed out of a desire to do something audacious, to build something lasting, to tangibly make a tremendous impact in our communities.
In short, we wanted to leave a legacy.
Now, every holiday season, we come together to do something amazing. From a school for a community to homes for children that need refuge–every year, we aspire to something that sounds so far out of our reach that we shouldn’t make it, and yet, every year, our amazing Tribe delivers.
This year, we’re leaving a legacy of education in five communities in four countries—truly a global impact. When all is said and done, we will bring education to hundreds of children in 19 classrooms in Haiti, Peru, Uganda, and South Africa through our two paths of impact: Building A Legacy and Sustaining A Legacy.
We will be Building seven classrooms: three at Williamson Adrien Academy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, two at Colégio Kairos in Iquitos, Peru, and two at the Reagoboka Early Childhood Development Centre and After School Program in Hammanskraal, South Africa. These three communities all have potential students in abundance; they lack only for a place to for them to learn. Having classrooms will increase enrollment in all three schools, helping the local children gain more opportunities through their increased access to education. Your tax-deductible gift will Build these classrooms and help continue the incredible work being done by these great schools.
We will also help continue the life-changing education efforts at His Mercy School in Uganda and Haiti’s Aclaprotech, the Academy for Classical, Professional, and Technical Studies in Port-au-Prince, by Sustaining 12 classrooms.
What does it mean to Sustain? We will provide fair, living salaries for the hard-working teachers and support staff.  We will also outfit their classrooms with textbooks, supplies, and other teaching materials.
Hundreds of students in Uganda and Haiti will benefit.  They will be taught by teachers that have the security of knowing that they are receiving sustainable wages for their work. The students will study in classrooms that are equipped to meet their needs and help to prepare them to change their countries.
You can help Sustain these classrooms by purchasing this great, made in Haiti necklace. Every necklace is handmade, and they will start shipping the last week of November. Let your Christmas shopping do good by helping bring life-giving education to amazing students in Haiti and Uganda by ensuring that these schools have the resources to hire the best teachers they can.
By Building or by Sustaining, you can make an incredible difference in the lives of children and teachers in Peru, Haiti, Uganda, and South Africa. Join us; Leave A Legacy this Christmas.