1 Year of Simple Good Together

Lets CELEBRATE!!! We celebrate a lot of things in life. Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions….celebrating is important, to pause and to allow the chaos of life – which demands that we always move forward – to stop as we remember something beautiful, something that matters. To be frank, I’m not good at this…my mind always processing the[…]

A Life Interrupted

10 YEARS. It may feel like just a flash in time, like it was just yesterday, but so much can happen in 10 years; so much life that can grow and shift and change. For Help One Now, our story began 10 years ago when our founder, Chris Marlow, visited the country of Zimbabwe. He[…]

Hurricane Relief Update

In October of 2016, Hurricane Matthew ravaged the Caribbean. The southwest peninsula of Haiti took the brunt of the storm as the eye slowly passed the already impoverished area. Over a thousand people lost their lives, and tens of thousands more their homes. The region’s greatest asset was that of agriculture, but Matthew destroyed almost every crop[…]

Legacy Project 2014: Stand With Ferrier

Buy a Brick.  Build a House.  Save a Child. As you may remember, about this time every year, Help One Now launches our annual Legacy Project, our end-of-year fundraiser designed to do something really big for one or more of our partners that will have a lasting and significant impact on the community. In 2012,[…]

Driving, Dancing, the Church and Help One Now

It is likely as you read the title to this post, your first thought is, “huh!?” Let me explain and end the suspense up front. This post is about partnership–specifically, partnership between Help One Now and the Church. Help One Now believes the church should be on the front lines of the fight to end[…]

Filling the Gap: How You Can Help

It is now the Fall of 2014. In just a few months, it will be the 5 year anniversary of one of the world’s greatest natural tragedies. Five years since the earth shook in Haiti, claiming hundreds of thousands of lives in a matter of minutes. But it has also been 5 years since the[…]

The Impact of Sponsoring a Child

In spring of 2014, I took a Help One Now trip to visit our community outside of Jinja, Uganda. I had been interning with the organization for six months and hadn’t left because my heart was completely moved by the cause. Upon discovering the opportunity to visit one of our communities—specifically the community that my[…]

Why Take Storytellers to Ethiopia?

I wanted to take a moment and chat through why an organization like Help One Now is taking a trip to Ethiopia to share stories. The only way to do that, is to understand the backstory. Another nonprofit, who has been doing amazing work in Gunchire (gun-CHEER-ee), Ethiopia for years, asked us to join them to help serve this[…]

A Changing Landscape

Getting off the plane in Haiti was, for me, connection. Connection to the smells I’d long heard described. Connection to the pictures of vibrant homes swarming the hillsides. Connection to the stories of brilliant people washing their faces with water carried from a mile away. Connection to countless smiling faces, unwilling to give up. And[…]

A Child Trafficking Story of Rescue and Reunification

There is a 6-month old baby boy in the north of Haiti. He was named after me for one month of his life but he will probably never know it, and I like it that way.  It started as we approached the small town of Ferrier, in the northeast of Haiti very near to the[…]