photo by: Mollie Burpo

Last fall, and over the course of this year, the Help One Now tribe rallied together for our first LEGACY PROJECT…to build a school in Petion-ville, Haiti.  Hundreds of people gave what they could, and brick by brick, the school has gone up.  A $100,000 project for 200 kids became a $200,000 project for 425 kids.

The building is complete.  It is strong and beautiful…built according to international building code, using the highest quality materials.  This project was led and executed with dignity and purpose by Haitians, for Haitians.  The school has 14 classrooms and will hold up to 425 students!  425 children who will carry hope for a better Haiti.  And in the words of our CEO, “investing in education is the best way to punch poverty in the face.”

The day is finally here… We are elated to announce that Williamson Adrien Academy is officially OPEN today!  Let the LEGACY begin!

AND…if you want to continue to invest in education and the future of these and many other children, check out our Help One Classroom campaign, and get involved!

A good school is necessary to educate children, instill moral values, and make sure they have a bright future.  A good school is necessary to expand the way they look at the world.  When we open their minds to new ideas and experiences, they will know what is wrong or right when they begin that long journey from the innocence of youth to the responsibilities of adulthood.  Without education, their creativity, passions and ambitions are robbed from them. We will offer an adequate and well-balanced education to these children.  This is our hope.

— Pastor Gaétan Alcégaire, Headmaster of Williamson Adrien Academy