This Father’s Day, join us to support the fathers of Drouin, Haiti and #KeepFamiliesTogether.
Drouin is located in the Artibonite Valley, home to 90% of Haiti’s rice farms. The Valley has struggled mightily over the past decade as subsidized rice has been imported into the country, driving down the value of Haitian rice. Families in the region labored to survive, and many fathers were forced to abandon or send away their children in hopes that they would receive better care from someone else. Your monthly $10 gift will help #keepfamiliestogether; click here to join.
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This Father’s Day, help us honor the fathers of Drouin by joining the #TenDollarTribe – Drouin. Your simple, $10 monthly gift will support the Esprit de Verite school and empower the local families of Drouin by helping purchase their crops to provide a hot meal for the students. This immediate impact of feeding vulnerable children will also have the long-term effect of helping to grow the local economy. In turn, this will help give local fathers the opportunity and dignity of being able to provide for their family through their hard work. As the long-term pressure of poverty is alleviated, fathers will not have to face the choice of breaking apart their families. Fathers will be able to stay with their children and create memories with them, because, for Father’s Day, we were able to help keep those families together.