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Contents: A story that shapes us, impact updates from each of our partners, and resources for deeper engagement.

The Story

An Impossible Dream of Community Transformation.

Dr. Aschalew Abebe is famous for insisting that your dream should be large enough to scare you. This phrase, and his commitment to it, stirs something uncomfortably inspiring in us. 

During Gunchire’s orphaned children crisis, it must have felt worrisome to dream of a day when every child had a family. Back then, it likely felt frightening to imagine what legalizing and normalizing local adoption practices would require. In the midst of this struggle, it surely felt terrifying to envision a reality where all families in the region were flourishing, and child abandonment was no longer a concern. 

This is all because of that improbable dream Aschalew believed so deeply in. Because of the holistic strategy to not just address the orphan crisis but also to set families up to flourish on their own and never have to make the impossible choice of whether they could afford to keep their children.

Watch the video below to hear the full story of how Aschalew’s dream is now a reality.

The Deeper Dive

Hear how Help One Now and our local partners have transformed the Gunchire community and eradicated child abandonment…

Watch the Video

The Data

Impact in Gunchire since our programs began:

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