September marks the two-year anniversary of the official launch of The Circle, and we are celebrating your impact by highlighting one of the talented students you have empowered! We are excited to introduce you to Sharlot Fernandez! Sharlot is an outstanding student who just graduated from James Davis High School in 2022. 

When Sharlot was born, her mother was unable to care for her, but her grandparents welcomed her as their daughter. They have lovingly supported her in her journey as a T.E.A.R.S. student from kindergarten to high school. Sharlot has grown up to become a brilliant student with exceptional values and a deep desire to help people. She graduated first in her class and was honored to deliver a speech at graduation. 

In the future, Sharlot dreams of studying medicine to become a Pediatrician. However, due to her financial situation, she cannot afford college on her own. Recognizing her academic excellence and character, our team in the Dominican Republic was able to grant her a college scholarship to help her fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. Your support made this scholarship possible! 

 Sharlot’s dreams will now become a reality thanks to your support through The Circle! Thank you for empowering the dreams of Sharlot and students just like her. We are so grateful for your continued generosity and support, and we cannot wait to see the impact we make over the next year.