We have two quick updates for you!

First, our 12 kids from Drouin are settling in nicely at their new home with Pastor Gaetan and the other children at Yahve Shamma. They will be there for at least one year, but they’ve already been attending Williamson Adrien Academy. Pastor Gaetan said they’ve been making new friends and enjoying the company of the other kids at Yahve Shamma.

Secondly, we have decided that the Love Hope Partners will also contribute to sending 10 children back to school in southwest Haiti – a region that was hit especially hard by Hurricane Matthew. These children –many of whom are former classmates of our 12 Drouin kids — lost everything in the storm. We’ll be providing them with books, papers, notebooks, pencils, a backpack, school uniform, and new shoes to get them back to school. We know that often, it is the the things that bring us dignity and hope that help us survive the impossible! 

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