A few months ago, we introduced you to Chaltu while on our #LoveHopeEthiopia trip. Here’s an update!

When Chaltu first opened her shop after completing the Family Empowerment Program in Wolaita Sodo, she was just selling regular goods in her store. Then, she branched out to making injera as well. Now she is preparing traditional Ethiopian foods like shiro and berbere. She’s even working with farmers to sell fresh vegetables! Furthermore, her store has given her the chance to send her children to school as well as helping her earn enough to feed herself, her kids, and her extended family daily!

In Wolaita Sodo, the average person makes between $8-$14 a week. But Chaltu is now earning 250-300 birr in profit every day; that’s about $11-$13! She is paying her shop rent, sending her sons to a private school, and even contributing 20% of her income to an equb – a community savings program.

We are happy to report that the impact on Chaltu’s life and family is proven and sustainable. We currently have 27 women who are in various stages of the Family Empowerment program, and we will continue to share stories throughout the year.