We wanted to share an exciting story with you about some of the work we have been a part of with Kairos Ministries in Iquitos, Peru.

We have always valued the local church both locally and abroad, and its role in seeking justice and caring for the oppressed. We know that the work we are a part of all around the world only gets done because of the local churches – just as it does here – each community, leading the way and inviting us into their stories. It is always our hope for this to ring true, and our desire to resource and support these churches and their communities in their vision and ministries.

This last December, we were able to facilitate a pastoral training conference for Kairos Ministries and over 200 pastors and leaders from the surrounding area! The conference was funded by West Rome Baptist Church (one of our dedicated church partners), but they gave full planning and control to Kairos and their team – setting a beautiful example of church to church empowerment and support. Because of their support, Kairos was able to bring in Pastor Felix Ortiz from Barcelona, Spain to teach the conference. Pastor Ortiz is a church-planter, community leader, and author of several books on disciple-making.

The conference offered many new and practical ideas to the local pastors on how to interact with their communities and make disciples. Pastor Ortiz taught on the larger role of the Church in the world – that we are not just here to be upholders of moral authority, but that the church is the instrument in which God wants to bless and care for humanity. He taught about the ministry of Jesus, His focus on bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth, and His desire to use the Church to care for the broken and hurting in the world. In the words of Willie Malpartida (one of the pastors at Kairos and a part of our local leadership in Peru):


“The conference has challenged the church in Iquitos to be active in making disciples, bringing the Kingdom and being partners with God in the reconciliation of the world to Him.”


Pastor Ortiz encouraged the pastors and leaders to teach their churches to practice honest, humble, and graceful relationships with the communities around them – to honor empathy and understanding of the culture and traditions that make up the people of the Amazon.

We are so encouraged by the conference and excited to see how God continues to use these pastors and leaders to make disciples and bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Iquitos more and more.

Thank you so much for your partnership, and for continuing to join us  and our leaders to seek justice and care for the orphaned and vulnerable around the world!


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