We at Help One Now are very excited to welcome three new board members to our team! All three individuals have been investing in the Help One Now story for quite some time, and we are grateful for the leadership and guidance they will bring to our organization.

Help One Now - Korie Robertson

First, we’d like to introduce Korie Robertson. She is best known as a star of A&E’s hit television show Duck Dynasty, but she is also a New York Times bestselling author and oversees the Robertson family’s licensing opportunities. Korie has joined us on #LoveHope trips to Ethiopia and Haiti.


Blaine Square

Next, we’re pleased to welcome Blaine Boyer. Blaine is a Major League Baseball pitcher, most recently with the Minnesota Twins. He has been to Haiti with us several times, and he has helped open new and ongoing partnership opportunities with Major League Baseball.


Finally, meet Seth Haines. He’s a lawyer, poet, and award-winning author of the memoir Coming Clean, and he and his wife Amber have long been friends of the organization. Seth has traveled with us to Ethiopia in 2014.

Unfortunately, this means that we are saying goodbye to two wonderful people, Deidra Riggs and Tony Merida. Deidra went to Haiti with us way back in 2012, and she was part of our first ever Legacy Project. Tony has also been to Haiti several times, helping to lead pastor’s conferences for local Haitian ministers. Both Deidra and Tony served on our board for two years, and we’re very thankful for their sacrifice, dedication, and leadership.