In the two years that Help One Now’s Ferrier Village has been open, it has had a huge impact on the children that call it home. These kids were once on the edge of life — abandoned or at a high risk for being trafficked. Now, they receive a quality education, nutritious meals, friendship from their peers, and love from their house mothers, leadership, and staff of Ferrier Village.
Sometimes, the circumstances that bring children to Ferrier Village leave an indelible mark on the kids. That threatened to the case with Milostene Joseph. He was only a few months old when he came to the Village, and for months, he was very closed off to adults. He would spend most of every day sleeping or crying.
But, the love and care that the house mothers showed to him every day, as well as the friendship and kinship of the other Ferrier Village children, have helped him come alive. He plays and laughs with the other children, and he is close to his house mother. Hope, love, and life is being restored in Ferrier Village.