This story comes to us directly from our staff in Uganda! 

Zabina Naikoba is 19 years old.

She lives with her mother, Annet, and her 6 siblings in Jinja Uganda. Annet is a peasant farmer and works hard as a single mom to care for her children.

Zabina is a very bright, smart and determined young woman with a contagious smile. She has been in the Help One Now sponsorship program for several years now and has excelled in school, as well as in leadership within the community and her church. Because Zabina has her basic needs met and has access to quality education, she has been able to focus on her dreams of becoming an accountant. With the help of sponsorship, we have no doubt that she will succeed!

Zabina is a true example of how education can truly change the course of a child’s future, raise up a successful leader within their community, and break the cycle of extreme poverty. We are so thankful for Help One Now sponsors and their commitment to children like Zabina as they grow and become successful adults within their community.

There are still opportunities to support children like Zabina through our sponsorship program. Click here to change the life of a child in Uganda or any of our other communities!