By Sarah Markley

When Chris asked me last fall to come on board the Help One Now team I told him he was crazy.

“You know I haven’t actually been to Haiti yet, right?” I said.

“Yep.” He said. “But I think you’ll be great.”

For some reason he believed in me and saw the possibilities.

If I’m honest, I’m excited, a little scared, and I feel very, very new at all of this. I’ve made a few mistakes along the way leading up to this trip and I’m sure I’ll make more. I’m learning how to labor beside a group of amazing HON staff with different and beautiful personalities. I’m learning that working first thing in the morning is good because by the time I get my west-coast body out of bed, the rest of the world is already humming.

I wrote on my own blog last week that I’m eager to see what is possible in Haiti, to see the big dreams that organizations like HON help make possible.

And I can’t wait.

It’s always hard to leave my girls when I travel, but I think they have my back on this one. I’ve been talking to them about Haiti, they went with me to the doctor when I got a few travel vaccines and I’m asking them to pray for me and for Haiti as I’m gone.

Can children catch a vision? I think so.

I get on a red-eye at LAX on Friday and I’m excited to meet up with our group as they trickle into Miami all daySaturday. And then, we are off to Haiti where there is hope, rescue, and restoration.

Pray for all of us as we do new things, meet new people and tell new stories. Pray for me as I try to lead this team and to steward well the resources given to me.


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markley-8Sarah Markley is the mother of two daughters and a wife to an amazing husband of almost eighteen years. She’s been writing all her life but has been blogging for the last seven at She writes regularly for A Deeper Story and is a staff writer for {in} Sarah loves extravagant grace, second chances and listening to your story. She is new to the Help One Now team but is excited to see what God has in store for her and for this organization.