By Trip Leader Sarah Markley

sarahbesseytripI’ve known Sarah Bessey for several years but I finally got to hug her neck for the first time last September on a sweaty late summer afternoon in Austin, Texas.

Neither Canadians nor Californians know what to do with Texas heat.

When you read Sarah’s book, Jesus Feminist, you’ll learn something about Sarah. She is equal parts science and art, wisdom and abandon, solid truth and prophecy. She brings her readers in as friends, because that is essentially what we all are to her: friends and more importantly, family.

Sarah traveled a year and a half ago to Haiti with Help One and will be the only one of this little team of storytellers who really knows what to expect. I’m looking forward to seeing, hearing and reading her perceptions after having been there once before and seeing hope work in a place over time.

She writes on her own blog about this upcoming trip:

“Together, we are holding out for, working for, listening, creating, prophecying, and living into something better. For the Kingdom to come, for oaks of righteousness to tower, for leaves to blossom for the healing of the nations, for swords to be beaten into ploughshares, for joy to come in the morning, and for redemption.” If you don’t know Sarah, you’ll love her instantly, be drawn in by her insight, and be taken in by the way she weaves a story.

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Bessey1Sarah Bessey is the author of “Jesus Feminist”, a disarming and beautiful invitation to the Kingdom of God waiting on the other side of the Church’s gender debates. She is an award-winning blogger at, an editor at A Deeper Story, a contributor for SheLoves Magazine, and a passionate advocate for global women’s justice issues. One of those happy-clappy Jesus-followers, Sarah is a recovering know-it-all, a voracious reader, and a devotee of British television. She lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada with her husband and their three tinies.