By Trip Leader Sarah Markley


Laura is married to a Hollywood guy whom she calls The Gorilla on her blog. And I love what he told her when we invited her to go to Haiti.

“Of course you’ll go.”

I think the thing I love best about Laura is her honesty. Oh, her honesty! It’s a beautiful thing in a passive aggressive world that spins things and pulls its punches. She’s honest about her faith journey. She’s honest about her trepidation in going to Haiti and she’s honest about her excitement as well. And not only do I love this about her, but I also value it.

She writes about her trip a few years ago to Sri Lanka and how she was skeptical of the child sponsorship model.

“Back then, I had all kinds of mixed feelings about the United States and the western Church flooding into poverty-stricken areas with all their “plans.” I still have some of those questions and concerns. Years later, I wonder if readers are tired of bloggers traveling abroad and then asking for help. But the internet is a powerful tool for good, and this happens to be my platform, so who am I to limit myself and you?”

And then she asks her readers to trust her, “Information has to spread somehow, and I trust myself as a source and I hope you trust me.”

She’s been embarking on an interesting 2014 by trying to make or break habits, month by month. She recently took a social media break for the month of March. Laura is forward thinking, intentional and I’m sure she has a lot to teach the rest of us.

Laura has a unique, right-to-the-point way of telling a story and I’m so glad to have her on our team!

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laura-at-disneyLaura Tremaine is a Hollywood Housewife. Originally from a small town in Oklahoma, Laura now lives in Los Angeles with her producer/director husband and two young children. She writes regularly at Hollywood Housewife about beauty, the entertainment industry, friendship, and family. She’s a reader, speaker, and constant hostess. Laura’s ever-evolving faith story is far from conventional, and she’s learning to be okay with that.