By Trip Leader Sarah Markley

“I got a passport on faith.” Krista told me over the phone a few months ago.

“You did what?”

“I got a passport on faith, not knowing when I’d be going to Haiti but knowing that I would go.” She said that and I knew God’s hand was in this.

Before I “met” Krista Smith over the phone, Chris called me and asked me to look at a blogger and an artist who had already raised a ton of money through her blog for Help One Now.

“Its up to you, Sarah, but I think she’d be a great fit,” he said.

I arranged a phone meeting and throughout the course of our conversation I knew that this was meant to be. Krista has never been out of the country before but she has caught the vision for Help One Now and has caught a love for Haiti long before she will travel there this week.

Read what she writes about this upcoming trip:

“Sometimes the most exquisite and beautiful pieces of life are the strangely familiar ones…
The sights and sounds that make you, not even knowing it, say ‘oh yeah… I know that.’
When you find those same familiar treasures in lives far away, in strangers,
They will make you feel right at home.
Like, this is where you belong in this moment.

I am banking on that for Haiti.
That it will be a place I forever long for in my heart.
Foreign and familiar.
Broken and beautiful.
Wild and free.”

Krista’s art is as beautiful as her heart. She’s creative and calming and I’m so glad she is on this little team of storytellers. I can’t wait to see how she knits Haiti’s story into her own.

Krista’s Featured Posts


kristahaitiMy name is Krista Smith.  I have been married for twelve years and have two super-awesome, loud, hysterical kids.  I have spent almost my whole life in South Jersey, which means I own as many pairs of “ducking boots” as 7-inch gold hoop earrings. After graduating with a degree in civil engineering in 2008, I spent the next couple years working at a nuclear power plant.  I left in 2010 and started drawing for a living so that I could remain home with my loves and also pursue a life of creative endeavors.  Since then, I have focused on blogging, illustrating, and photography…as well as starting our first year of homeschooling.  Looking back, I can see God moving ever so gently in the everyday parts of life to bring me to a better, deeper understanding of His love and provision.  I eagerly look forward to the future and the calling God has for our family to live out His Gospel in our home, community, and world!