By Trip Leader Sarah Markley

The only way I can describe Erika is that she is an engineer-meets-gourmet chef with words. With skill she constructs stories that tug the heart and at the same time she creates such beautiful art that I’d almost like to eat it off of the plate.

I finally got to meet Erika last fall but I’d known her for a long time in the online world. Erika is spunky and vivacious and has a heart that runs deep for people and for justice. She and her husband Austin have three boys with hearts for Jesus her homeschooling curriculum isn’t just about math and reading, it’s about caring for the needs of others as well.

When I asked her if she’d join us in Haiti she almost didn’t hesitate with a yes. She told me that this is something that fits perfectly into what she knew God wanted her story to be this year.

On her blog she writes a letter to Haiti,

“Dear Haiti,

…These past few weeks I’ve been writing you letters by way of prayers being pushed through my pumping heart and I sent them out to you on Spirit-wings. And those letters passing through my pumping heart lead to certain thoughts in my thinking head, thoughts about how I want to posture myself before flying into your land and joining your people…

So this is what I’d like to do: if you feel like you have words to tell, would you let me be your story steward? I will listen good and hold everything you say with the utmost care, with the intent to retell them on my tiny platform here. In other words: I want to help your voice be heard so more people can get to know the deep places of your soul and side-by-side we’ll do this good Kingdom work of uniting our family across and around the world. How does that sound…”

(read the rest of her letter here)

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erika-and-sonShare a cup of tea with Erika Morrison and you’ll likely find your chi balanced, your heart stirred, and the earth beneath you thrust heavenward. She’s a Spirit-led, poet-hearted, story-telling Life Artist. She’s wife to Austin, Momma to three handsome hooligans, and soul sister to a vibrant community of movers, shakers, misfits and Christ-followers in New Haven, Connecticut. A compulsive creative, Erika gathers the stories and symbols of the seemingly mundane and weaves them with great panache into the deeper story of love she sees in the life of Jesus, and from life with Jesus. Readers of The Life Artist will find pieces of this story scribbled and shared online in the hopes that they, too, will live this Life as a precious, fine art.