It is finally here. We’ve talked about it, tweeted about it, teased it, recruited some amazing friends and a few of the coolest bloggers to help us out, and now—it is time. Help One Now is excited (and nervous. and scared. and hopeful.) to release the details of our 2012 Christmas campaign and the largest project we have ever attempted (so far):

The Legacy Project: Empower Haiti’s Future.

The Legacy Project is this: we are going to raise $100,000 over the next seven weeks to empower Haiti by build a school facility for Pastor Gaetan, the orphans of Yahve Shamma and the surrounding community. The school, which will be built on the Yahve Shamma grounds in Petionville (about 20 kilometers outside of Port-au-Prince), will serve the 30 orphans and 120 vulnerable children that are currently attending school in large tents set against a rocky, hollowed out cliff. It will give those children a chance to attend school in an environment that is protected from the harsh Haitian sun and is without risk of losing their materials to vicious Caribbean storms. More importantly, it will allow future generations of Petionville children this same opportunity.

Now, $100,000 for a school is all fine and good, but how are we going to raise that kind of money in only 7 weeks? Glad you asked. We have broken the project down into 10 smaller phases, so we can take it step by step. Don’t think you have to buy a school; just help us build a wall or dig a foundation.

Still too big? How about this: help us by simply buying a brick. Or two. Or ten. Maybe get a few people you know to do the same. Not everyone can give a door, or plumbing, or a roof. But together, brick by brick, we will build this school and empower Haiti.

Pure Charity will be providing the online technology that will help make this project a reality for Help One Now and Yahve Shamma. Outside donations can be given, and donations can also be given via Pure Charity’s Personal Giving Fund, a unique way to earn money towards projects by shopping both local sales as well as online through various Pure Charity Partners like J. Crew,, and

On the ground, the project will be handled by Help One Now’s Haitian partners. All of the material will be constructed or purchased in Haiti, providing a boost to the economy and giving local laborers opportunities to work and thus provide for their families, despite the tough economic situations that so many have been living in.

This is an opportunity to give an unbelievable Christmas gift to an amazing group of people that have had enough suffering for ten lives. Your gifts, no matter how small or how large, will help educate children, help parents earn enough to feed their families and will help change lives in this community.

So here’s what to do:

1) Check out our project page with all of the details you need about what we’re doing, and where we’re at with the project.

2) Sign up for an account at (Jen Hatmaker wrote a great post detailing the amazing stuff your shopping can do this holiday).

3) Buy a brick for $25. We need to sell 4,000 to complete this project. Is that a lot? Sure. But, like we said, “Brick by brick.” If you cannot give $25, don’t worry. Just give what you can.

4) Tell your friends, neighbors, coworkers, family. Tweet it, like us on Facebook, shout really loud . . . whatever you can do to get the word out.

We can do this. Little by little, brick by brick, this school will be built and countless young Haitian lives will be changed! You can help one now and empower Haiti for years to come!