Just about a year ago, many of you began a journey with us to transform a community in Haiti by building a school for orphans and vulnerable children. Aided by the passion and dedication of some amazing bloggers, we launched The Legacy Project. Brick by brick, you gave, advocated, and prayed.

I had the pleasure of seeing the school building a few weeks ago during a trip to Haiti. As I watched the Haitian laborers and teachers work all day long to complete the finishing touches, it was inspiring to remember that our tribe has not only helped to build a school for these children, but that over 100 jobs were created for teachers and construction workers. All the material was constructed or purchased in Haiti, providing a boost to the economy and giving local laborers opportunities to work and provide for their families.

I choked back tears as the children excitedly grabbed my hand and ran with me from classroom to classroom to show off the new space that will serve as a vehicle toward their future. As we looked at the new tile in the bathrooms, the smell of the vibrant yellow fresh paint reminded me that these kids, like the building, were getting a new, fresh start and an opportunity to go to school in a country where only 50% of kids attend elementary school and a mere 26% attend secondary school.

As you might remember, the school was supposed to open at the beginning of September. However, the Haitian government has pushed back the start of the school year until the beginning of October. The former school space, which once served 30 orphans and 120 vulnerable kids in large tents set against a rocky, hollowed out cliff will now serve our 30 orphans and roughly another 375 vulnerable kids from the community. Yes, over 400 children will be attending Williamson Adrien Academy! We will have our story team on site at the end of October, and we are extremely excited about sending you pictures and a video upon their return.

While we would love to sit back and admire God’s amazing provision for this project, there is still much work to be done.

Our teachers have been going through certification training and working very hard to prepare for the new school year. At Help One Now, what sets us apart from many is that we fully invest in our local leaders, and this is a perfect example. Our teachers will need wisdom, energy and patience. Will you pray for them?

We have also committed to helping each teacher and their classroom. #HelpOneClassroom is an initiative to sponsor teachers at Williamson Adrien Academy in Haiti (and His Mercy School in Uganda) for the upcoming school year. In Haiti & Uganda, most teachers are not paid. By paying our teachers a salary, we are ensuring that the teachers can provide for themselves and their families, equipping their classrooms with the necessary supplies, and enhancing the education that our students receive.

How Can You Help?


Consider adopting a classroom with a one-time gift of $2,500 or monthly installments of $208.34.

You could also find 4 friends and each invest a one-time gift of $500 or monthly installments of $41.67.


Help us identify a school, classroom, or a group of teachers who will join together to give a one time gift or host a fundraiser to adopt a classroom. Check out this amazing success story from one of our tribe members, a school helping a school! You get the idea; there are countless ways to gather the funds to help these teachers and their classrooms.

No matter how you help, we will help you stay connected with your classroom throughout the year with pictures and physical or email correspondence. That way, you can see your support in action!

Help Us Spread The Word (on Facebook and on Twitter).

You are our biggest platform. By using your social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can help us spread the word and get these teachers the help they need to change the lives of their students.

Teachers make a world of difference.  Change the world of one teacher.