Buy a Brick.  Build a House.  Save a Child.

As you may remember, about this time every year, Help One Now launches our annual Legacy Project, our end-of-year fundraiser designed to do something really big for one or more of our partners that will have a lasting and significant impact on the community. In 2012, we built a school in Port-au-Prince, and last year we empowered 6 communities with the HOPE of education! This year, we are directing our attention to Ferrier Village, our anti-trafficking initiative located in Ferrer, a small Haitian town near the Dominican border.  The Village is currently full to capacity with 35 children that have been rescued from trafficking or from other dire situations that had left them extremely vulnerable. These children now attend school, receive medical care and proper nutrition, but more importantly, are cared for 24/7 by an amazing team of house mothers, community directors, and Pastor Jean-Alix Paul.

Ferrier, Haiti ChildrenSo, during this Christmas season, we invite you join us as we take another Stand with Ferrier by supporting two key measures of anti-trafficking: Rescue & Education. We will build two more homes for vulnerable children rescued from human trafficking, purchase a vehicle that will help safely transport children, and also complete the construction of a new preschool that will provide life-changing education, health and nutrition services, and a caring environment for empowering the next generation of Haitian leaders.   Building A Legacy Brick by Brick We have a BIG dream and we are confident that it can become reality. This year’s goal for the Legacy Project #StandWithFerrier is to raise $110,000. Whoa.  That’s a lot of zeroes. But, we know we can do it, because 1) you guys are amazing, and 2) all we’re asking is for you to buy a brick for $25. That’s it.  If you really want to do more, buy another.  Or two.  Or five.  Maybe get your small group to buy 15 together.   And, tell your friends.  Get them to do the same.  Tell your family that you need bricks for Christmas, instead of a fruitcake (because you know you weren’t going to eat it anyway). We’ve divided Legacy Project: Stand With Ferrier into 6 Phases. You can follow along with those HERE. So don’t hesitate, go now to the Legacy Project page, get the scoop, take it all in and SPONSOR THIS CAMPAIGN TODAY! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates along the way. Join us! #StandWithFerrier