Education is the foundation for the development of a society, without it we cannot
think of a better future.  A good school is necessary to educate our children,
instill moral values, and make sure they have a bright future. This is our hope.

— Pastor Gaétan Alcégaire, Headmaster of Williamson Adrien Academy

One year ago, Help One Now launched our first ever LEGACY PROJECT…an end of year giving campaign aimed at lasting impact and long-term community development.  The 2012 Legacy Project was a pivotal moment in the Help One Now story.  In short—with the help of some amazing bloggers, dedicated church partners, generous individuals, and Pure Charity—we raised over $200,000 to build a school in Port Au Prince, Haiti at Yahve Shamma Children’s Home.

Where a tent-like structure of tarp and poles once stood, an impressive building now stands.  Where volunteer teachers and 150 kids once met subject to the elements, over 300 students and 17 certified teachers now meet in a safe learning environment.

I had the privilege to see Williamson Adrien Academy in action a few weeks ago.  The kids were wearing new uniforms.  The teachers were energetic and enthusiastic, and Principal Larrieux was smiling from ear to ear.  And the building itself took my breath away.  I saw it at several points in the construction process, but the finished product is more than I imagined.  The building is complete, but the story—the LEGACY—is just beginning.  Over time, thousands of Haiti’s children will receive a good education at this school.  Education today.  Change tomorrow.

We will be sharing a Direct Impact Report for the 2012 Legacy Project very soon.  And the LEGACY PROJECT 2013, “Backpacks of Hope,” is on the horizon.  At Help One Now, our goal has always been to break cycles of extreme poverty by empowering local leaders.  This year’s Legacy Project will do just that.  We’ll be investing in our leaders in Haiti, Uganda, Zimbabwe & Ethiopia as they invest in the education of children in their communities.  Each leader has their own unique vision to meet the needs of their community, and the backpack represents the assets to meet these needs.  Here’s a quick snapshot of LEGACY PROJECT 2013.  And please take a second to sign up here for more details on how to get involved in the coming weeks.

Lamar Stockton
Help One Now, International Operations