Just a few short weeks ago, we announced that we were ready to break ground on Kairos Village, and it has happened!

The initial supplies have been purchased from local vendors, and workers have dug trenches for the water system and the foundation for the main building. Soon, the main building, which includes the kitchen, dining area, chapel, and bathrooms, will be ready to serve a community center for Kairos Village.

As we talked about in our last email, the need for Kairos Village is both great and urgent. We have already raised $50,000 for this project, which allowed us to break ground. However, we still need to raise over $150,000 to complete the first phase of this project, and we’re hoping to do that through our end-of-year giving campaign.

For example, it will cost approximately $3750 for each month of operations at Kairos Village. Could you recruit two other friends or family members to join you in giving $1250 each? A rescue home will cost $18000 to construct from start to finish. Could your church community come together to make a one-time offering to build a home or even two? It will cost $10,000 to furnish the community center and the rescue homes; could your small group throw a fundraiser for that purpose?
Whether you do a fundraiser among your friends and family or make a legacy-leaving End Of Year gift, two things are certain: Kairos Village will transform lives in Iquitos, Peru, and your continued support is VITAL to making it a reality.
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