Last month all of the house moms were able to attend a special training seminar about childcare practices. This training served as a collaborative time to address the challenges of being a mom, and give support and encouragement to all of the incredible women who are raising and loving the children you sponsor in Ethiopia!

We at Help One Now desire to see every child know the love of a family. That is why we structure our homes so that every child has a “mamma” and lives with other children as siblings. Experiencing a safe and supportive environment will help them understand and feel that they are loved. It will help them heal from difficult experiences in their past, and be a support to them as they dream of their bright future!

This is the reason we continue to invest in our BLoved house moms – these are the women who invest so much of their time and energy into caring for these children we love. We want them to feel loved and supported too. We want them to be equipped with practical skills, knowledge, and encouragement so they can reach their full potential as they parent and lead the children they care for.

By providing this training, you are able to transform lives by providing an even stronger family environment for the children you sponsor. Thank you for continuing to be a part of our tribe and committing to see these children grow and flourish. We are grateful for all you do!