What do you think about when you hear the word “foundation”? Do thoughts of a concrete slab or the basics of education, sports, or fitness cross your mind?

For me, this word is VITAL, because it means sustainability and direct impact over the “long haul”.

Most nonprofits are trying to solve some of the world’s greatest problems on shoestring budgets, piecemeal teams, and irrelevant technology. Passion drives for a season, and then that passion begins to wane. Something starts to happen…you realize you did not have the Foundation to build a longterm organization that does not crash and implode out of exhaustion, frustration, lack of funding or a business model that was not sustainable.

Don’t get me wrong–I absolutely love funding our projects. Seeing the impact of our work is amazing, and that is why we do what we do. Yet, we know we must sustain the work longterm. We are trying to build an organization that lasts through the ups and downs of life.

I have no doubt that money moves the mission forward. In 2012, we invested $100,000 to grow the organization. Our ROI was close to 1000%!

Which meant we were able to make a much larger impact around the world.

What did we do with those resources?

We hired an amazing team, we invested into some key infrastructure and we told beautiful stories and we created a sustainable pace. The challenge of course is this: we give away the majority of money that we raise – 85%. So, how do we sustain this work?

The Foundation.

Investing In Good

Over the last 5 years, Help One Now has been able to do some amazing work. We have empowered and resourced our high-capacity local leaders, we cared for vulnerable and orphaned children, and we are literally seeing communities transformed.

Inch by inch, we are breaking the cycle of poverty! Every time you sponsor a child, every garage sale party that you hold, each time you donate funds to a direct impact project, hope explodes somewhere in the world.

But, we have also run into some key issues. The questions we are asking are many:

  • How do we do amazing work long term when we give away the majority of money that we raise? How do we hire the best team?
  • How do we implement the best technology?
  • How do we run the most efficient organization?
  • How do we build an organization that does work beyond the years that we will live?

These are the questions that keep me awake at night.

The Vision

Fortunately, we have found an answer. We call it The Foundation.

I’m so excited to share the vision with you! We are looking for 100 people to “Invest in Good.” Individuals, churches, and businesses can be a part of Help One Now’s Foundation.

These 100 people invest in helping us build an amazing organization. 100% goes to running our operations, so we can do the work that we all care about.

The How

When you choose to become a Foundation member, you are treated like an investor. Two annual phone calls, monthly reports, and an annual private gathering before our Gala.

You choose an amount; we have 4 tiers:

  • $2500 – $4999
  • $5000 to $9999
  • $10,000 to $20,000
  • $20,000 + and upwards

You choose an amount and choose how you want to give–check or online, one time or monthly, and that is all.  Each year, you can stay on the Foundation if you choose, but there is no further commitment.

We need 100 of you to help to join The Foundation so we can build a sustainable, healthy organization that can do the work we all care about long term.

By July 15th, we need another influx of cash to propel us forward. We need to raise at least $100,000 to fund our operational side of our organization. Would you consider joining the Foundation and help us keep the organization moving forward?

Go to The Foundation for more information.

I would love to meet with you as well – email chris (@) helponenow (.) com and we can connect. You can ask deeper questions and I can share the vision of for the next 18 months.