It is now the Fall of 2014. In just a few months, it will be the 5 year anniversary of one of the world’s greatest natural tragedies. Five years since the earth shook in Haiti, claiming hundreds of thousands of lives in a matter of minutes. But it has also been 5 years since the people of Haiti rose up, bound in strength, and pushed through the tragedy to find hope, healing and life. It was not long after the earthquake that Help One Now first came to Haiti and met incredible leaders who were rising up and leading their people to embrace these very things. One of those leaders was Pastor Gaétan Alcégaire. At the time, he had already taken in over a dozen children, many of whom were orphaned by the earthquake. Much of his property was destroyed, and he didn’t have the financial means to care for all those who cried out for help. He did, however, have an incredible amount of vision and faith, and a trust that would endure and wait for the good ahead.

old tent schoolGaétan and his family continued to take in children, and they continued to be blessed with the resources to care for them–but just barely. Months later, Help One Now was able to partner with Gaétan to build a dormitory for the children, and Yahve Shamma children’s home was officially born. But Gaétan was not content with just caring for the children; he wanted to invest in their future and see them (and those who would come after) prosper and thrive to become agents of change in one of the poorest countries in the world. He started Williamson Adrien Academy, named in honor of his brother who passed in the earthquake, to provide care and education for those in the community who could not otherwise attain it. The school started in tents, and it was anything but “regular”, but it was happening. Children were coming and learning, and there was a shift in the community towards hope for a better future.

new schoolGaétan’s vision did not stop there. He wanted to provide the best in quality for these children that he loves and serves. So in 2012, many of you joined Gaétan’s quest to see the creation of a physical school building for Williamson Adrien. Teachers and administrative personnel were hired, the school was certified by the government, and news spread of a safe place to come and learn. It was one of our biggest projects ever accomplished together, and because of it, over a thousand lives have been affected. The school is now in its 14th month of operation and it is thriving. There are nearly 300 students in attendance, many of whom had no means of education before, as well as over 20 teachers and staff who now have quality jobs. The school continues to grow and affect the community, and this year it will see the addition of a computer training lab and a library.

classroom Yahve Shamma children’s home is growing and thriving as well. There are now 31 children who are loved and well cared for and who have the means to create for themselves a different and better future. Gaétan and his staff work tirelessly to ensure that they are given the absolute best,  and as they grow, they know that they can follow their dreams and become leaders and world changers in their community. Three new children, Bryan, Gregory, and Michaelange, have been brought to Yahve Shamma recently. It has been incredible to witness Gaétan and his team impact their lives. They now have joy and hope since finding security in this new family and care. However, this kind of care is NOT POSSIBLE without all of you partnering alongside Help One Now and Gaétan in believing in our work. Our child sponsorships are what drive and sustain our work. It is also the best way that we can build relationships with our Haitian friends as we work together for a better future. As many of you know, when it comes to 24/7 orphan care, we sponsor each child 5 times to ensure that care is of the highest quality.  We currently have 32 empty sponsorships at Yahve Shamma, which means there is a large gap between what we are able to provide and what they need each month. Gaétan is continuing to dream big for these children, and we believe and trust that God is going to do amazing things through him in this community. Will you believe with us? Will you continue to fight to see that every child has equal opportunity? A chance to be defined by more than just where they were born or the circumstances that were given? Join us as we work together with Gaétan to give care and safety and education to these children, so that one day they might see the effects of poverty removed, and hope restored in their beautiful community!  SPONSOR A CHILD at Yahve Shamma today.  And if you already sponsor a child at Yahve Shamma, PLEASE SHARE this story with a friend and encourage them to join you in bringing hope to this community.