After months of hard work and countless cups of coffee and cans of RedBull, we are excited to officially go live with our new website and branding. I want personally thank !deation, Charles Lee Scott Wade, John Chandler and the entire Help One Now team, for all their hard work, ideas, creativity and passion as they have all worked tirelessly on launching this project over the past six months.

We are firm believers that technology can empower people to help change the world.

The Future

In the next few weeks we will align all of our initiatives into one site. Our child sponsorship website will be rebuilt from the ground up. Our Garage Sale for Orphans website will be integrated into the new site and completely redone as well.

In the next few months we will be launching a “do it yourself “ campaign initiative. This is a chance to raise money to help transform communities, by giving away your birthday or running a 5k, etc. It’s another tool that will help you serve our friends in Haiti and Africa.

We’re also integrating new technology that will help us to be more transparent and allow our tribe to connect with the communities that you care for and help serve. You can check out our Ferrier Village page as an example. We want you – the donor- to feel connected, empowered and involved in the progress of our projects and updated on the communities that you love and serve.

The Documentary

And… we will be launching our first documentary on the life of Gaetan Alcegaire. Kris Rutherford is hard at work as we speak. You can check out the trailers until we launch the full documentary. However, you can see one of our trailers.

Gaetan’s Story // HELP ONE NOW // Teaser 3 from Help One Now on Vimeo.

Gaetan’s Story // HELP ONE NOW // Teaser 3 from Help One Now on Vimeo.

The Mission

Lots of excitement and momentum surrounding the Help One Now team and tribe. We love that we can partner together to care for orphans and vulnerable kids, by empowering and resourcing high-capacity local leaders, so together we can see their communities transformed and the cycle of extreme poverty broken!

We believe the new website and brand will help us accomplish our mission more effectively and efficiently.