As we all know, on January 12, 2010, an earthquake shook the resilient people of Haiti to their core.  Literally everyone in Haiti is closely connected to someone who lost his or her life that day.

Help One Now leader, Gaétan Alcégaire, lost his little brother that day.  Williamson Adrien Alcégaire was attending class at a university in Port Au Prince with many other promising future leaders.  You see, the immediate effects of the earthquake were devastating, but the longstanding effects can never be measured.  What could a bright young man like Williamson Adrien have accomplished for his country…for his people?

However, this young man’s story is not over.  His LEGACY lives on…in his family…in the H1N Tribe…and in a school that will educate thousands of Haiti’s children over time.  The new school that is being built on the grounds of Yahve Shamma Children’s Home will be called Institutión Mixte Williamson Adrien—Williamson Adrien Academy.

When Pastor Gaétan started this school under a tent a few years ago, it was in honor of his brother, and so he named this humble tent-school after his brother.  And on September 2nd, when a new school year begins, Williamson Adrien Academy will finally have a building worthy of its name.  And just as so many who died in the earthquake carried hope for a better Haiti, so the students of this school will carry hope for a better Haiti.

Last week, I was privileged to witness the construction progress firsthand.  This building will be strong and beautiful…built according to international earthquake resistant building code, using the highest quality materials.  It will house 14 classrooms and up to 425 students!  I watched 25 strong Haitian men sweat and laugh as they worked together with dignity and purpose…leaving their own mark on this LEGACY.

As I said earlier, the longstanding negative effects of the earthquake can never be measured.  Thankfully, the longstanding positive effects of this school and others like it are also immeasurable.


Humbled & Inspired.
Lamar Stockton
Help One Now, International Operations