Another week on this island that has captured my heart—full of beauty; full of tragedy; full of hope for a better tomorrow.
Pastor Jean-Alix Paul and the children of DrouinI hear the laugh of a man who does not worry… From my perspective, he has plenty to worry about. He has planted 9 churches, oversees 4 schools and 2 orphanages, builds homes and schools, develops leaders, runs a business and leads his family—and he’s in the process of opening Ferrier Village. Yet he understands the sovereignty of God, perhaps as well as anyone ever has. He is Help One Now partner and leader, Jean Alix Paul. He reminds me that we are not in control, but God is…and that’s a good thing.

I see the tears of a man whose heart explodes with compassion… He loves in a way that I can’t fully understand. Recklessly. Completely. Faithfully. He cares for 30 orphans with a father’s love, yet the tears stream down his face as he talks about children from the surrounding community who come to school hungry and leave school hungry. Given the opportunity, I believe he would gladly help and serve every child in Haiti. He is Help One Now partner and leader, Gaétan Alcégaire. He reminds me that we can always love better and serve more deeply.

I see a beautiful church built by the hands of those who have nothing but faith… For three and a half years, tens of thousands have been living in unspeakable conditions in a tent city that sits on what was once a golf course. All the while, in the middle of the chaos and brokenness was a light. A church. A community of hope under a tent. And now, with sweat and time, this community has accomplished what seemed impossible—they built a strong, striking building that will host a church, a school, and a job training center. Help One Now partner and leader, Jean St Cyr, leads this church. He reminds me that nothing is hopeless.

I see the smile of a woman clothed in strength and dignity—once an orphan, now a leader… She carries herself with grace, and her presence stirs respect. Logic says she should amount to very little, but here she stands, resolute and wise, made stronger through trials. She is Rosena Joseph, the Director of Help One Now’s Ferrier Village. She reminds me that everyone can be restored.

Thanks to our incredible Help One Now leaders, we are truly seeing communities transform.

Humbled & Inspired.

Lamar Stockton
Help One Now, International Operations