For all of us, the story written by our parents and the legacy they leave are the most significant factors in creating who we are and who we become. This fact is so important that the UN declared today, June 1st, the Global Day of Parents. To mark the occasion, we wanted to celebrate the awesome work that one of our incredible local leaders, Aschalew Abebe, is doing in Gunchire, Ethiopia as he supports the parents and families in his community with the ultimate goal of keeping those families together. Aschalew knows that one of the best ways to end poverty in his region is to support the parents of families with vulnerable children by helping to educate the parents in trades such as farming or sewing. This empowers the parents to provide for their families without assistance and helps grow the local economy. Using the Help One Now child sponsorship program and our new #TenDollarTribe to provide an initial backbone of support, he can address the very factors that might otherwise cause child abandonment: lack of food, no education opportunities, and minimal access to heath care. Helping to meet these needs by empowering the parents with the tools to develop their own means of supporting their families helps to strengthen their community by keeping these families together. Strong communities start with strong parents, and on this Global Day of Parents, will you consider standing with the parents of Gunchire by joining the #TenDollarTribe? Just a simple $10 monthly gift will help keep these families together, and bring sustainable change to Gunchire and Ethiopia!