Follow along with the Help One Now Team as they share stories from the field on
orphan prevention and anti-trafficking in Haiti:

When a Mother Sways into Ferrier Village by Amber Haines [4/25]

The Real Heroes by Sarah Markley [4/24]

HEART-STAMPED… by Krista Smith [4/23]

how to help in haiti with help one now by Laura Tremaine [4/23]

From Hogwarts To Haiti by Chris Marlow [4/22]

OF MONKS AND MEN by Krista Smith [4/22]

The Long Road by Sarah Markley [4/21]

catty wampus and the invisible organization by Erika Morrison [4/21]

In which I want to hear the Story all over again by Sarah Bessey [4/18]

How Six Days Turned into a Decade by Sarah Markley [4/18]

In which the women of Haiti make me stand straight by Sarah Bessey [4/16]

forgotten drouin and ferrier village. or, orphan prevention and human trafficking. by Laura Tremaine [4/15]

For the Dreamers of Drouin by Amber Haines [4/15]

The Struggle of Stewarding a Story by Sarah Markley [4/15]

In which nobody loves Drouin by Sarah Bessey [4/15]

RESCUED. by Krista Smith [4/15]

In which I fall for the beautiful facade by Sarah Bessey [4/14]

Hosanna by Sarah Markley via (in)courage [4/14]

For Us to be One by Amber Haines [4/13]

humanity 101. i needed to see it. by Laura Tremaine [4/13]

Oh How He is Faithful by Sarah Markley [4/13]

too much to tell by Erika Morrison [4/13]

In which we visit “our” school in Haiti for the first time by Sarah Bessey [4/13]

i always make it personal by Erika Morrison [4/3]

On Broken Parts in Regular Towns: Alabama, Arkansas, and Haiti by Amber Haines [4/3]

JOIN ME FOR STORIES by Krista Smith [4/3]

In which I’m looking for subversive hope by Sarah Bessey [4/3]

one week until haiti by Laura Tremaine [4/2]

What is Possible by Sarah Markley [4/2]

Share the Beauty :: on traveling, speaking, and carrying on by Amber Haines [2/28]

to haiti with help one now by Laura Tremaine [2/23]


i’m coming to you (a Help One Now trip, Haitian variety) by Erika Morrison [2/18]

In which I’m headed back to Haiti by Sarah Bessey [2/18]

Haiti with Help One Now by Sarah Markley [2/17]

Hear from Help One Now storytellers during previous trips to Haiti:

Rice Fields of Drouin by Scott Wade [4/30/13]

Faces of Kenscoff by Scott Wade [2/4/13]

Storytellers as Prophets and Poets by Chris Marlow [10/22/12]

When God Changes Everything. by Chris Marlow [10/16/12]

Leaving Haiti… by Mike Rusch [10/12/12]

Help One Child – Serve One Leader by Chris Marlow[10/11/12]

Haiti Day One by Mike Rusch [10/10/12]

Richard | Haitian Painter by Scott Wade [10/10/12]

What If We Fail by Chris Marlow [10/8/12]

I Believe That Story Can Change The World.  by Chris Marlow [10/5/12]