Usually I’m not a big fan of emails. However, when I get an email with pictures like these, my life gets a little better. I love seeing progress. I love seeing hope. I know in a matter of months, kids will be living in these homes.

  • They will no longer be alone.
  • They will no longer be homeless.
  • They will no longer be abused.
  • They will be loved.
  • They will have good shelter.
  • They will have hope.

And when It’s all said and done that’s what our mission is about; pushing back the darkness and allowing God’s light to shine.

Jean Alix is training the Ferrier community about trafficking and how they can help protect Haitian kids from being sold in slavery! We believe the local church can lead the charge to end slavery in Haiti.

Help One Now Tribe — once again this is your hard work and generosity making a difference in the world.

Don’t forget, you can follow this project in-depth by clicking this link.