After many months of praying, processing, hoping and asking key questions. H.E.L.P. will be relocating to Raleigh, NC this summer.

We’re very excited to move forward and plant deep roots in the city of Raleigh, the state of NC, and the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

Why Raleigh?

We felt like Raleigh would be a great location for the longterm growth of H.E.L.P.

1. Proximity: Located between Atlanta & Washington DC and two hours from Charlotte, massive population surrounds Raleigh. This will be good as we grow and expand.
2. Staffing: Duke, UNC and NC State creates some amazing potential staff talent as we grow and expand.
3. Growth. According to Forbes, Raleigh & Austin are the two fastest growing cities in America. We believe this is a good strategic thing for H.E.L.P.

What about Texas?

In July, H.E.L.P.’s founding member Scott Wade will be coming on staff. One of Scott’s roles will be to lead our Austin efforts. We also have three board members who live in Austin:

Jeff Mangum: Jeff is a founding member of H.E.L.P., teaching pastor at The Austin Stone and he also serves on our board of directors.

Jacob Vanhorn: Jacob is the Lead Pastor of Soma Austin, one of our partner churches. Jacob and his church are deeply involved in Haiti and they’re one of our biggest supporters and cheerleaders. Jacob also serves on the board of directors for H.E.L.P.

John Chandler: John runs a businsss by day and a church by night. He also serves as one of our board of directors and does much of our web work.

As you can see, H.E.L.P. will be in good hands in Austin with an AMAZING community like: Austin New Church, Soma, and many other churches and individual supporters.

West Coast:

In our original strategic plan, our hope was to launch regional offices or hubs. We’re still a long way away from being able to launch a west coast office or hub. Right now Jasen Ashdown is our volunteer west coast advocate. Someday, hopefully we will be able to bring on a full-time staff member to oversee that region.

Rest assured that H.E.L.P. staff and volunteers are deeply committed to creating a tribe of people who are dedicated to rescuing (shelter/community)) orphans, restoring their hope (daily needs) and renewing (community development) their communities.