korie robertson, ethiopia “I don’t know why I was born to loving parents who made sure all of my needs were met, in a country full of freedom and opportunity and these kids weren’t. I do know that there is bad in this world. There is tragedy and heartache, and these are children who, just like us, need to know they are loved and to know that God, their Father, has a beautiful place prepared for them. Who also, just like us, need healthy food, clean water, a good job and a happy family some day. I know that beyond just talking about it and thinking about it, God expects us to DO SOMETHING about it. He tells us to go the extra mile, to stop and help the hurting on the side of the road, to give food to the stranger that knocks on our door, to take care of widows and orphans, and to be the salt and light in this world. I can’t fix all of the problems in our world, but I can fix some. I can partner with people that are doing good work, who are on the ground seeing the massive needs first hand. I can provide clothing and books for a child to go to school. I can send money and supplies to medical clinics that tend to people who have never before seen a doctor and desperately need healing for things that we have the medicine to cure. I can get clean water to a community of people who are sick with parasites from drinking infested water because before I did something they didn’t have a choice…There is a lot I can do. So can you! #dosomething”

This is an Instagram post I made after my trip to the Dominican Republic earlier this summer (Excuse the poor grammar and run on sentences. It’s an Instagram post, people). I love these kids. Our family has been loving on them for over six years now; visiting when we can and working to make life a little better for them. This summer we were so excited to be able to partner with Water@Work Ministry to put in a filtration system that provides clean water to their entire community. We did something!

ethiopia, korie robertson

It is with this same resolve that I listen to God’s voice when He tells me over and over again in His word to feed His children; care for the poor, the orphaned, the widowed. I can’t deny it or ignore it. And so I will go, this time to Ethiopia, to love on the children there and see the great work that Help One Now is doing for families in need. There is so much to be done. Why Ethiopia? Why now? Well, I’ll give you a little background. I met Jen Hatmaker at a women’s conference when Duck Dynasty had just started – I think it was my first time to speak since the show had been on air. I was able to hear Jen speak at the conference and heard and felt her passion for God and for the poor. I then read 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess. I’m not going to lie, it messed me up for a little while…in the best way possible.

So, I reached out to Jen (along with a few others that I knew had done the research, put in the time, and had actually been in the trenches) and asked for her recommendations on who was doing the best work internationally to help Willie and I decide where we should donate. She said Help One Now. So we did. Fast-forward a couple of years; I get an email inviting me to go to see the work first hand that Help One Now is doing and I said YES! Just tell me when and where! I just found out today I will be the only newbie going to Ethiopia. Jen, Jillian and Kristen have all been and they promise me I will fall in love the moment I step foot on the soil, and I know it is true. I can hardly wait to see the good work that is being done there. Good work is happening people, that is why we named this trip “Love Hope”. When I watch the news today and see all the tragedy and heartache in this world, I admit, sometimes it’s hard to see how I can make a difference. But the stories we will tell while we are on this trip are ones of HOPE, and I, for one, LOVE that. I hope you do, too. We can sooo make a difference in these people’s lives, and we will. And we can’t wait to share it with you.

The goal of this trip is to get 300 sponsorships!! Yes, 300. Will you join me? Let’s go #dosomething