During this time of global crisis, the local leaders we partner with are working tirelessly to ensure that their communities are taken care of. They are stocking up on non-perishable foods, medical supplies, and other needed items. They are continuing to provide daily meals for their students, as well as figuring out the best possible ways to support families throughout their communities. It is our hope that these leaders will not only be able to preserve the incredible work they are doing, but also be able to act as a resource should the virus continue to spread.

There is so much good happening on the ground in the communities we serve, and we want to highlight and celebrate it. Each week will bring you photos, videos, and stories from around the world.


On April 6th, Pastor Gaetan did another round of food distribution in Pestel.

On April 6th & 7th, Pastor St. Cyr distributed sanitation systems to the community – clean water buckets with soap and sanitizer. 


A Story From Peru

This is the Vizalote family. They make mattresses from hay and sell them door by door. This family has been thriving to overcome poverty but it has been difficult for them. Right now they can’t sell anything,  so receiving groceries was a big help for them. 

Dominican Republic

On April 9th, Rod and his team implemented a new system in their community food and supply distribution. The system has been put in place to better protect the health of his team, while also being able to reach a wider base of families in need in the community. They created meal cards that provide a specific date and time for each family to come to the center and receive their food and supplies. They have given each of the 15 families from the empowerment program 10 cards to go out and distribute amongst their parts of the community. This is helping the team to reach families that otherwise would not hear of the distribution, while also creating better guidelines and social distancing for families picking up their food and supplies.

On April 10th & 11th, Rod and his team put this new system into practice and distributed food at the TEARS center to some of the most vulnerable families in the community.


On April 9th, Aschalew and his team distributed sanitation and hygiene supplies to the Gunchire community.


On April 10th, Pastor Edward did another distribution of matooke (plantains) and other food supplies to families in the community. The matooke was harvested from a community farm which Pastor Edward and his team started and currently manage.

A Story from Uganda

“Majid (right) is a deaf man who lives in Buwenda village. He lives in his house with his only son, who was the sole bread winner of the family. With the lock down in place, his son cannot fend for the family any more. Food donations have restored a smile on his face. He now has food to take him through the festive day and some other days. Thanks H.O.N for the support.”

We are so grateful for your generosity. If you would like to contribute to our emergency relief fund, and help us continue supporting the efforts of the local leaders we partner with around the world, click below!