Recently, Aschalew Abebe, our incredible leader in Ethiopia, traveled to Jinja, Uganda, to spend time with Pastor Edward Magumba, our equally incredible Ugandan leader. These two men have literally changed the lives of hundreds of children and families in their home countries, and since each leader approaches their unique challenges differently, we know they had so much to learn from each other.
Here’s what Aschalew said just before his trip:
“I am looking forward to meeting our team in Uganda and learning from their rich experience and best practices. This is the beginning of the end of the orphan crisis in Africa. I am dreaming for Africa without orphans. I am thinking regionally and acting locally. Will do that piece by piece and step by step.
With God everything is possible.”
These are not men who dream small. 
We at Help One Now are truly honored to walk alongside such passionate leaders. They have a vision to see poverty end in their countries. Both men were striving towards this goal long before Help One Now had the pleasure of partnering with them.
Yet, the most striking thing about them might be their humility. They are effective leaders who, if they were to retire tomorrow, would leave a tremendous legacy in their communities. Yet, they know there is much to learn from each other.
We hope that this dialogue is just the first of many. Who knows what will happen when all of our leaders get the opportunity to meet each other!
It might just be the the beginning of the end of the orphan crisis.  

Aschalew, meeting the children at His Mercy School