Meet Suubi. She is a widow and mother of 7 living in the village of Buwenda, on the outskirts of Jinja in Uganda, and, like so many of her neighbors, her life has been filled with tragedy. Her first husband drowned in the Nile River, and her second was murdered by criminals. She has been struggling to care for her 7 children through subsistence farming. While she is able to supplement her income by working at a local school, it is not enough to improve her home, which is currently a mud shack.


Thanks to our Garage Sale For Orphans initiative, Help One Now was able to provide the resources to build Suubi and her family a brand new home.  This home will be large enough to fit her family comfortably, giving them a safe space to live, eat, study, and do all of the things that families everywhere wish to do. Furthermore, it restores dignity to the life of Suubi and her family. Rather than having a hut constructed of mud and sticks, the family will now live in a clean brick home. The safety, security, and health benefits that this home gives to Suubi and her children are immense and will change their lives.

Will you consider joining us by throwing your own Garage Sale For Orphans party? There are some amazing opportunities for your excess to make a difference in the lives of families like Suubi and her children. Please visit our GS4O page for more information and to see a sampling of the various fundraisers we have listed.