The children at Yahve Shamma have grown so much over the years! We have watched some grow from toddlers into secondary school students, and some almost on their way into adulthood. It has been such a gift to see the beautiful family that has grown and thrived, all under the love and leadership of Pastor Gaétan Alcégaire.

One of those children, Rodney Louis, has stood out in his studies and growth. He has always excelled in school, and has even acted as a tutor to the younger children in the home. Rodney is now 17 years old, and will be completing 9th grade this year. For the last 5 years in a row, Rodney has finished as the top of his class and has been highly lauded by his teachers for his love and dedication for learning!

Rodney has finished his exams this year with a score of 8, the highest score possible. Not only has he reached the highest achievement in his class, but he has been the only one to do so! His favorite subjects are mathematics and science, and he one day hopes to be a structural engineer.

Rodney is a great example of the hopes and dreams Pastor Gaétan has for his children – that they would not only survive in the tough realities of Haiti, but that they would grow and succeed and reach their full potential! For Rodney to grow up and achieve his dreams, and then pour back into his country with his skills and knowledge is the greatest hope and achievement of Yahve Shamma and our sponsorship program.

Because of your sponsorship for Yahve Shamma and Pestel, Rodney and the other children have the chance to achieve that dream! They have the chance to grow up in a beautiful family and with endless opportunities for a brighter future. Together, we will continue to stand alongside Pastor Gaétan and these amazing kiddos to see all of their hopes and dreams fulfilled, for many years to come!